bride with an ice-cream

Couples getting married tend to look for something unique at the reception which their guests can delve in and enjoy. Ice cream is the new craze! From Strawberry & Prosecco to Ferrero Rocher, there are flavours for everyone!

We can set-up at your venue at any time of the day, be it morning, day or night. There are three main times of the day that couple’s tend to book us for. It can be just after the wedding ceremony and before the wedding breakfast with gelato served as a canape. Or it can be during the wedding ceremony itself, in particular if you are having a long Hindu ceremony, and have many guests that you would like to keep entertained. This has worked very well especially for larger weddings which we have catered for with 1000 guests. Or you may decide to book us in the evening, as a buffet dessert or a novelty instead of a chocolate fountain. Whatever the time, we will entice them with our unlimited gourmet dessert. The ice cream hire set-up and a friendly personal service is included as is all the home-made gelato ice cream, sorbets, the waffle cones, tubs, toppings, sauces, napkins and spoons.

Alternatively, you can choose to order and have delivered, pre-prepared individual tubs with lids which can be personalised as you wish.

What’s Included?

Luxury Flavours, Toppings & Sauces.